Our Clients

We are proud of our clients; we have gone through a lot together. Oracle Translation has extensive portfolio of regular clients ranging from blue-chip companies to start-ups. Deadlines, budget crunches, technical hurdles and marketing pushes are nothing new to us. The following is a partial list of clients who we are happy to have worked with. And more importantly, they are happy to have worked with us

  • GEO TV

    You hear people giving good reviews about many companies, and I'm usually a really critical person but the translator allocated to me was exceptional, not only did he work to a high level of professionalism but also with charisma and attention to detail. Which I must say is hard to find! I would definitely recommend this company to my colleagues that may require a translational service in the future.- Matt Leigh [GEO tv]

  • Al Jazeera

    Personally, I would like to thank your oracle translations for providing services on such a tight deadline. I will make sure there is plenty of time next time. – Aliya Sheikh [Al Jazeera]

  • Axiom Law

    It has been a pleasure working with the company; I look forward to more business. Unbelievable price for such an excellent service. Time is money and this organisation knows it well. Eric John [Axiom Law]

  • NHS Scotland

    Appreciated the precision of your translator. Wouldn't go for any other agency. Jane Andrew[NHS Scotland]

  • BT

    I used one of your interpreters today. I found him very helpful and pleasant; all done in a very professional manner- Sophie Ahmed [BT]

  • Greenleaf caterers

    Cost effective, professional service. Would definitely recommend your agency.- Neil smith [Greenleaf caterers]

  • Royal Mail

    I would like to express thanks on behalf of my company for providing quick telephonic translations last week. Wonderful friendly and polite manner. Mark Gill[ Royal Mail]

  • BUPA

    Very effective and speedy. My work was done in almost no time. Thanks very much. James Mitchell[BUPA]

  • Wrigleys

    Very happy with the service provided. Good attitude and professional employee. Very satisfactory. Nadia Taylor[Wrigleys]

  • University of Bedfordshire

    It was an excellent translation without the slightest mistake. No difficulty in understanding at all, bravo! A definite recommendation. Kerry len [University of Bedfordshire]

  • Right solicitor

    I would be happy to use your services again. The translated documents arrived in mail in good time and everything was done very professionally.- Lisa oreliy [Right solicitor]

  • The silver link

    I will know where to come next time for translation. Good job oracle translations!- Gladys McHeath [The silver link IT support]

  • Lyca mobile

    I would like to congratulate your company for professionalism as well as friendliness, which I believe is a winning combination. I have worked with various other translation companies before but for me it works when there is a spark of humour and openness, which I found here. The communication makes works more enjoyable. Good luck to your company for future!- Paul Kellermen [lyca mobile]

  • Mansion student

    I visited the office personally and was offered and extraordinary level of customer service. Well-trained, professional and very organised staff. I will definitely be coming back and recommending my colleagues. Very good for urgent translation services as well with perfection. A very happy client. H Grey [Mansion student]

  • Codex global

    Excellent job- David Gregory [Codex global]

  • Chicken cottage

    I wanted a trusted translational company that understood my needs. I am pleased to say I was not let down. It was great to be able to engage with a reputable company as yourselves, I will definitely use your services again.- Omar Ali [Chicken cottage]

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